Freesat card to watch Sky for free

Throughout Europe we have many Expats from the UK as well as customers
from other countries such as the US living in Europe who like the idea of UK
satellite TV but for one reason or another do not wish to go to the expense
of a monthly Sky subscription.

For these customers the ideal answer are Freesat Cards

Freesat Cards are perfect for their needs as they have a wide variety of
English speaking channels including all the main BBC and ITV channels from
the UK. There is no monthly subscription. We have a one off setting up fee
of £65 and thats it


Some people get it wrong and call them Free Sat Cards spelling it as above
and because of this they sometimes get the impression that the cards are
free. This is not the case. We have to buy the cards and add on a small one
off processing fee which is why we charge £65.

Also please do not get Free Sat mixed up with Freeview.Freeview is only
available in the UK via an aerial, not a dish. Freesat comes via a dish.

To give you some idea of what to expect if you at card here is the list of
channels available at this present time.































































































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